What Is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is professional images representing your business visually. They fit your visual identity using colors, tone, props, sets, and more. The photos might be of you, your team, your products, your process, your space, or anything else that makes your business unique.

You may have gotten a headshot taken before that you used for a LinkedIn profile or a website about page, and yes they are important, but they are only one piece of the branding puzzle. To take your business branding to the next level, you’ll want a range of consistent, well-crafted photos that will keep your business looking amazing across all your marketing material.

Why brand photography is important

Brand Photography Makes Your Brand More Relatable (And Human)

– 82% of consumers trust a company more if the founder uses social media

-77% of consumers are more likely to BUY from a company if the founder uses social media

Does this mean brand photography should only be used for social media? No! But people want to connect with other people, relatable people, and see the face behind the company.

Having photos of you and your team allows potential clients to see who they’re working with and allows them to imagine themselves as being part of the experience. Product and services photos with humans in them bring them into reality for your potential clients.

Brand Photography Is A Great First Impression

50 milliseconds…half of the time it takes to blink (literally)…that’s all it takes for someone to get their first impression of you. What does this mean? Everything you share has to get people’s attention and do it fast! Quality, consistent, brand photography is going to help capture your clients’ attention in that short time. They’ll appreciate the high-quality content, strong aesthetics, and attention to detail. If a brand is presented well, potential customers are going to become repeat customers.

Brand Photography Increases Engagement

Visual content goes a long way in today’s world…that’s an understatement. Visual content is required in today’s world to catch people’s attention.

-65% of marketing executives say photos and videos are the key to communicating your brand story

-87% of Facebook engagements come from brands that included images

-51% B2B marketing prioritize visual content in their marketing plan

-150% increase in Retweets on Tweets with images vs those without

-2.3X more engagement on Facebook posts with images than those without

Do you need any more reasons to be using brand photography in your marketing?

How do you use brand photos?

Everywhere! Anywhere that you’re advertising, communicating with people about your business, or promoting your brand, you should be using your brand photos. It helps to ensure consistency and memorability so people remember you and your brand.

Just the tip of the iceberg of where you can use brand photos:

Website BlogSocial Media
Sales PagesNewslettersEmail Signature
Opt-InsGeneral AdvertisingBusiness Cards
PostcardsThank-You CardsLead Magnets

take your brand to the next level.

Brand photography is super important! Brand photography takes your marketing to the next level, turning potential customers into repeat customers. It can used throughout multiple avenues of advertising, and when used correctly can make your business stand out from the rest. 

Or, if you want the summary summarized…. brand photography is a must for any and every business.


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