May 15, 2024

Brand Photoshoot: The Campbell Cakery, LLC



I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sarah from The Campbell Cakery, LLC based in Reading Pennsylvania for a brand photoshoot, and I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes! Working with a baker was on my list of businesses to work with, so when I partnered with Sarah I was so excited! Not only is her work stunning, it is also DELICIOUS! I got to sample a few of her desserts and everything was SO yummy.

Meet Sarah Campbell

Sarah is a custom cake designer and baker of all things sweets! She designs cakes for weddings, birthdays, showers, and just about any celebration! She offers tiered cakes, number and letter cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cakesicles, cake jars, dessert shooters, and more! If you’re looking for a custom treat to celebrate your occasion, reach out to The Campbell Cakery, LLC. 

Branding Photoshoot: The Process

Prior to a brand photoshoot, there is a lot of planning for both the client and myself. Brand questionnaires, timeline creation, prop lists, mood boards, outfit selections, and planning calls. But all of the planning helps to make for a smooth brand photoshoot!

Client Onboarding–  After I received Sarah’s signed contract and retainer, I sent over the “Welcome Guide” as well as her in-depth brand questionnaire to fill out. My brand questionnaire asks a variety of questions so I can better understand a business and its goals/visions for the brand photoshoot.

After completing her brand questionnaire, I compiled a shared mood board on Pinterest using the answers from her brand questionnaire to guide me. A shared Pinterest board is a great way to communicate with my clients to ensure we’re both on the same page for the photo shoot. It allows for a seamless collaboration on both ends. 

Zoom Planning Call–  During our Zoom planning call, I reviewed the Pinterest board with her, determined the photoshoot date/time, and asked any outstanding questions I had from her brand questionnaire. Afterward, I compiled everything into her Photoshoot Planning Guide with a timeline, shot list, and inspiration from the Pinterest board. Once completed I sent it to Sarah for review and printed a copy to have on hand the day of the photoshoot! This guide is super helpful for my clients to make sure they are gathering all necessary props needed for the photoshoot. 

Next steps; the brand photoshoot! I love when we get to see all of the work that went into planning come together!

Branding Photoshoot: Day of Photoshoot

Sarah runs her business out of her home, so it only made sense that she chose to use the kitchen in her house for her photoshoot location. During the planning process, I had Sarah send me photos of her kitchen prior so I knew what lighting situation I was working with. This is a standard practice I have with clients if I don’t know the location or there isn’t online photos that I can review prior (such as an Airbnb or a studio rental).

We planned the photoshoot for the morning to get the best natural light in the kitchen, but on the day of the photoshoot, it was rainy and overcast. If I was relying solely on natural light, this would have been a problem. I always pack more lighting equipment than I need just in case. In this situation, I ended up using 2 different off-camera flashes to make Sarah’s kitchen appear more lit than it was! 

After unpacking my gear and setting up the off-camera flash, we started working on getting the shots planned out in the Photoshoot Guide I put together for the photoshoot. This ensured we were getting all of the images she needed for her website/marketing materials and we could keep on track with the timeline. 

We started with headshots then moved to photos with her mom then onto the baking process and ended with a few final product photos. I loved that Sarah chose to include her mom in the brand photoshoot since she helps a lot behind-the-scenes! Including people who play an important role in your business is great to include in your branding photoshoot. Not only does this give people a behind-the-scenes of how your business runs but it also helps diversify your gallery of brand images. 

As we wrapped up the photoshoot, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented individual. Sarah and I had a great time working together and it truly felt like we had known each other before the photoshoot! (And I discovered that she and her husband are PSU alums! My husband and I are as well!)

Branding Photoshoot: Post-Processing

While culling through the images from her photoshoot, I could feel the pure joy that Sarah puts into her confections! From the intricate piping on her cupcakes to the elaborate designs on her cakes, every element was thoughtfully considered and impeccably executed. It was a true reflection of her dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to delivering excellence to her clients.

If you’re in search of mouthwatering desserts that not only taste incredible but also look like works of art, look no further than The Campbell Cakery, LLC. Sarah’s passion for baking shines through in every bite, and her dedication to her craft is evident in every detail. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or any other special occasion, Sarah at The Campbell Cakery, LLC will elevate your event with exquisite creations. Sarah’s passion, creativity, and attention to detail are truly remarkable, and I have no doubt that her delicious treats will continue to bring smiles to countless faces.

To contact Sarah visit her Instagram or Facebook page to place your order!  

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your talent and passion with me. I can’t wait to see what delicious delights you create next!

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