June 12, 2024

Accountant Personal Branding Photoshoot



I had the pleasure of working with accountant Jenna Murphy of Jenna Murphy, LLC for an accountant personal branding photoshoot. Jenna needed images for her website, social media, and other marketing needs and I was excited to partner with her!

Photoshoot Location: Mount Laurel NJ

Meet Jenna

Running a business is hard, and when you need to keep everything financially straight it can be helpful to have an accountant by your side. Jenna Murphy, LLC is a licensed CPA in PA & NJ and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor servicing clients across the United States. She provides tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting software training, and other accounting-tailored services. Whether you’re a small business, independent contractor, or family as a CPA Jenna provides the expertise to ensure you’re taxes are done right and on time

Personal Brand Photoshoot Journey

Every brand photoshoot I do is custom to my client’s business and marketing goals. To plan and prepare a successful brand photoshoot there is upfront prep work required by me and my clients.

Client Onboarding: To start Jenna’s onboarding she received her “Welcome Guide” with what to expect, how to prepare, location suggestions, prop suggestions, and FAQs. I also then sent over her “Pre-Shoot Questionaire” to fill out. This questionnaire helps me better understand my client’s business and their goals for the photoshoot. Jenna was also added to a shared Pinterest board to collaborate on her mood board for the photoshoot.

Accountant Personal Branding Photoshoot Planning: After Jenna completed her “Pre-Shoot Questionaire” we scheduled our Zoom planning call. During our call, we reviewed her Pinterest board, clarified any questions, decided on a date/time/location, and collaborated on the overall concept/idea for the photoshoot.

Jenna wanted to make her business more approachable, reach more female business owners, and make people feel comfortable working with her. She needed on-brand photos mainly to update her website and content for social media. Jenna expressed she wanted to use her home for the pictures. To keep her photos on brand I suggested we opt for a pink seamless background to incorporate her “pink and feminine” vibe for the brand. While I tend to opt for AirBnb and studio rentals for photoshoots, sometimes it aligns better with the business to go with a paper seamless background. (They also come in a TON of colors. Browse the Savage Seamless Paper color options here.)

Brand Photoshoot Guide: After the Zoom planning call, I take everything discussed and put it into a guide. Photoshoot location, timeline, shot list, inspiration, and props are all included in the guide. I then sent Jenna the guide for review to make any necessary adjustments. This guide makes all the difference on photoshoot day because it helps keep everyone on the same page, especially when there are lots of moving parts.

Day of Accountant Personal Brand Photoshoot: On the day of the photoshoot I arrived at Jenna’s house with all of my gear and the Photoshoot Guide. Most props are the client’s responsibility to provide for their photoshoot, but there are a few larger ones I provide for my clients. In this case, I provided the portable folding desk and chair. Jenna had already purchased the Savage Seamless Background so that was waiting for me when I arrived. We then cleared her foyer and set up the background and studio lighting. We then started working our way through the Photoshoot Guide shot list I created before the photoshoot. 

Working with a paper background makes it that for every shot you have to set up a new scene. It can be a little time-consuming, but while I set up the next scene to photograph it gave Jenna a chance to change outfits and collect the next set of props needed.

Brand Photoshoot Post-Processing: After the photoshoot, I went home and immediately backed up the images from the photoshoot. Then I worked on culling and editing and digitally delivered Jenna her gallery to select which images she wanted. After downloading her images she received her “How to Use Your Photos” guide. However, I don’t think Jenna needed the guide because about 2 minutes after downloading her photos she began implementing them! She updated her Facebook cover, and profile picture and created an Instagram post! Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients eager to use their brand photos in their marketing. Not to mention, these posts tend to get higher traction because they’re appealing to look at and resonate with their clients!

Jenna wanted to stand out from the competition to seem more approachable than every other CPA. And I might be a little biased, but I think these photos checked off all of her requested boxes: Professional, Feminine, Fun, & Approachable! Jenna’s accountant personal branding photoshoot was a success!


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