September 12, 2023

Clothing Boutique Branding Session



Lasandra Kapetanovich, of OVICH Boutique in Skippack PA, contacted me for a clothing boutique branding session. Here’s a bit about OVICH Boutique and the branding photoshoot:


Prior to opening OVICH Boutique, Lasandra was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided that instead of wallowing in the diagnosis, she was going to create her own perfume. Lady K35 was designed by her and her husband Karlos in NYC following her diagnosis. In 2019 Lasandra and Karlos founded OVICH Boutique. OVICH is now a women’s boutique selling clothing, shoes, skincare, and candles. The idea of OVICH is that it will help others feel bold, confident, and empowered.


During our call, Lasandra expressed how frustrated she was not having high-quality images of her and her boutique to show off. She needed captivating content for her social media and promotional materials. I knew that our session had to encompass a variety of shots – from updated headshots to behind-the-scenes glimpses and, of course, images highlighting the essence of the boutique.

On the day of the photoshoot, I arrived with my gear and shot list in hand, eager to work with Lasandra. She has the best outgoing personality and was an absolute joy to photograph. During the shoot, we were able to combine our visions to create a gallery of images showcasing Lasandra and the Boutique.

The moment I delivered Lasandra’s gallery, the phone rang almost immediately. It was Lasandra, her voice brimming with excitement. She was over the moon with the images we had created for her boutique. There’s nothing more satisfying for a photographer than a thrilled client, and working with OVICH Boutique for their clothing boutique branding session was an absolute delight.

OVICH Boutique isn’t just a place to shop; it’s a celebration of strength, creativity, and empowerment. Lasandra’s journey, from adversity to triumph, is beautifully reflected in every corner of her boutique. It was an honor to be part of capturing the essence of OVICH and working with Lasandra.

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